New Data And Analyses on The Corona Situation

The Pfizer pivotal study is compromised and unreliable

A new paper in the British Medical Journal reveals that and how the Pfizer trial that led to the approval of the BioNTech vaccine was compromised [1]. Paul Thacker, an investigative journalist, reports on a whistleblower, Brook Jackson, who worked at one of the clinical centres, Ventavia in Texas. Ventavia is one of the largest clinical research service providers in Texas and was one of the companies that organized patients for the clinical trial and managed their data. These were “only” 1,000 of the approximately 53,000 patients, but the reported conditions speak volumes. For Jackson had repeatedly pointed out to the company management errors in implementation, poor data quality, patients whose complaints were not followed up, side effects that were not neatly registered, unblinding and any number of other problems.

It’s worth reading in the original. The bad thing is: Jackson had brought this to the attention of the US regulatory authority, the FDA. The FDA had neither replied nor pointed out the problems in its approval report. Instead, the whistleblower was dismissed without notice on the very day she reported the matter to the FDA. Research by the journalist shows that other employees who wished to remain anonymous confirmed the statements.

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The Long Shadow of Treblinka


Two weeks ago I was invited to a small conference in north-eastern Poland, in Łomża, a town about 150 km north-east of Warsaw. A small group of linguists who study the connection between language, environment and nature invited me to speak about a holistic paradigm in science. I took advantage of the time and took two days off. I used one of them to go to Treblinka. This is the place in north-eastern Poland where one of the three large Nazi extermination camps was located, the one furthest east and north. Treblinka is only about 80 km south of Łomża. And so I went to Treblinka.

Treblinka is well hidden and poorly signposted. First you come to a railway station resp. the station’s memorial.

Image 1 – Treblinka Railway Station Memorial

You can see the stylised railway sleepers in the background of the image. They symbolise the track that once came through here. In fact, everything has disappeared. Levelled to the ground. Erased from the material memory of nature and removed from the field of vision of posterity. That’s what the Nazis thought. Many still think so today.

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New Open Access Publication on Mindfulness / Phenomenology

Abstract Open peer commentary on the article “Assessing Subjective Processes and Vulnerability in Mindfulness-based Interventions: A Mixed methods Exploratory Study” by Sebastián Medeiros, Carla Crempien, Alejandra Vásquez-Rosati, Javiera Duarte, Catherine Andreu, Álvaro I. Langer, Miguel Ibaceta, Jaime R. Silva & Diego Cosmelli Sánchez. Abstract: Mindfulness is phenomenology and good phenomenology is a kind of methodological mindfulness. Mindfulness … Read more