“Children are the immune system of our society and our future”.

The MWGFD press conference of 16.11.22 and a few thoughts on the Corona “vaccination” and the current Corona policy

On the 16th of Nov. 22 the association “Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit und Demokratie” (Physicians and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy), held a press conference on the topic of “Vaccinating children with Covid-19 vaccines”. The press conference can be followed on the MWGFD website (https://www.mwgfd.de/2022/11/pressekonferenz-mwgfd/ or https://ovaltube.codinglab.ch/w/wnnbRmL2iE5citRSZdv2dB). For those in a hurry, here is a brief summary followed by some thoughts:


The MWGFD is an association of doctors and scientists in the health sector. It has over 20,000 supporters who help us and donate money and a core of about 40 members, including myself. The vice-chairman, Dr Ronald Weikl, a gynaecologist and family doctor in Passau, explained all this at the beginning. I know many members personally, and I can say: It is a colourful political mixture, but none of them is, as is often said, “right-wing”, or “revanchist” or shows any proximity to National Socialist ideas. Nothing is more false than that, and the fact that this fairy tale is still being coloured in many channels shows how infamous, crazy and at the same time powerful the modern propaganda machinery is. Those who still don’t believe me that I have nothing to do with radical right-wing thoughts should perhaps take a look at my post on Treblinka. Apart from that, these defamations become obsolete anyway, it seems to me, when one hears the fascistoid expressions that sometimes come across the lips of our men and women in ministerial office.

One of the advisors of the MWGFD was the head of the press conference, Uwe Kranz, former head of the State Criminal Police Office in Thuringia and advisor to Europol. Kranz moderated the event. Ronny Weikl, vice-chairman, said a few words at the beginning.

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Dangerous Rituals: Face Masks – More Harm Than Good

This is a slightly modified version of an article that first appeared in Nexus magazine and the accompanying text to my contribution at the “Long Night of Masks”, the MWGFD Mask Symposium

Face masks are nocebos

Face masks are extremely powerful, ubiquitous nocebos. Nocebos are psychological stimuli that cause harm via psychological, neurological or immunological processes.

Face masks, in fact, trigger fear. This is because their presence is coupled with the message: “A powerful killer virus threatens us always and everywhere! We must all protect ourselves!” This message is a message of fear. For the very first public-media response to the pandemic was to spread fear [1]. Once fear is firmly installed, it is very quickly evoked again and again. The face masks are a visible symbol of the pandemic and psychologically conditioned stimuli that induce fear. And they do so extremely quickly and without our being able to resist them – because the emotional evaluation of sensory stimuli always occurs temporally before the conscious semantic analysis. This is because all sensory channels have an anatomically direct pathway to the amygdalae (sing. Amygdala), the small paired brain centres in the diencephalon responsible for threat evaluation. When “threat” is registered there, the entire mental apparatus is primed to perceive, act and explore behavioural alternatives accordingly. Worse still, involuntary physiology, autonomic processes such as blood pressure regulation, heartbeat and immune modulation, is also affected accordingly.

How quickly and unconsciously this can happen is shown to us by a now famous psychological experiment conducted some years ago:

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A middle way in difficult times

Sailing between the Scylla of gullibility and the Charybdis of conspiracy theories in the Corona crisis

Thoughts on Mattias Desmet’s new book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism (London: Chelsea Green, 2022, 231 pages, €32.50, hardcover)

In the corona crisis, one sees two main camps: those who largely believe the mainstream narrative of the coronavirus to be true, and those who question this narrative – sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly. The first group, for the sake of simplicity, I will call below the believers, the others the doubters.

The doubters usually have one major problem: namely, understanding how it is possible that so many of their – quite intelligent – contemporaries subscribe to such an obviously false narrative that the believers believe to be true. I locate myself among this group of doubters. Many in this group then look for explanations and very often end up with one or another conspiracy narrative. Such a conspiracy narrative then explains that some group – the pharmaceutical industry, the financial industry, sinister groups in the backrooms of politics, a Satanist gang, the World Economic Forum (WEF), a secret world government, the “elites” – instigated the whole thing to further their own agenda. I can well understand why people seek such theories as explanations and often find them plausible, but I personally find them rather inadequate as explanations most of the time.

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the “measures” (NPIs) During the Pandemic

Our new study is published

For some time now, I have been conducting expert interviews documenting how various experts from science, the media, politics and civil society assess the pandemic, what factors they see at work, what their views are. Every now and then the idea comes up, that the World Economic Forum (WEF), which Prof. Klaus Schwab set up many years ago, could play a role.

I thought for a while about whether and how this theory could be tested. In the end, I came up with the idea that one could use the number of Young Global Leaders (YGL) that the WEF has trained over the years as a parameter and relate it to the intensity of “non-pharmaceutical interventions” (NPI), popularly and hereafter referred to as “measures”. This is what we, my colleague Johannes Klement and I, then did, at two points in time: at the beginning of the corona crisis, i.e. in March 2020, and at the second peak in the winter of 2020/2021. The study is now published in the peer-reviewed online journal “Cureus” and can be freely downloaded [1]. (Cureus is an interesting journal, by the way; our immunology survey was already published there [2]. It is a journal based in California and started by physicians who proceed without “conflict of interest” and very openly. It is peer-reviewed, usually with 3, at least 2 reviews.)

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