The pandemic is over, vigilance must remain

– the MWGFD symposium on WHO, some data on vaccine adverse effects and beyond

My colleagues at the MWGFD (Physicians and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy) held a press conference in Munich yesterday where some specialists talked about the changes to the WHO statutes, about which I already wrote a blog. This press conference is an important document. On the MWGFD site there is a press kit and on Rumble you can listen to the symposion; Youtube has deleted it. You learn a lot of important details, especially from lawyer Kruse, who spoke at the end and backed up the statement with hard documents, that the WHO is indeed planning a dictatorial grip on our health. It may not even be the WHO, but mainly those who promote it. For the promoters, as one learns at this conference, are also the ones who are allowed to send their representatives to the decisive committees and therefore have a say in how health will be defined, regulated, monitored and prescribed in the future. After all, if the regulations pass national parliaments or are ratified by governments, then these regulations and changes become binding and have an international regulatory character.

I noticed at this press conference that the acronym WHO, when turned upside down and mirrored, results in the term “OHM”.

Ohm, as hobbyists from the electronics kit know, is the name for electrical resistance. I thought it was great when I was a kid that you could pack thousands of ohms into a small resistor. Maybe we should put millions of ohms into the resistance to this craziness?

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“Children are the immune system of our society and our future”.

The MWGFD press conference of 16.11.22 and a few thoughts on the Corona “vaccination” and the current Corona policy

On the 16th of Nov. 22 the association “Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit und Demokratie” (Physicians and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy), held a press conference on the topic of “Vaccinating children with Covid-19 vaccines”. The press conference can be followed on the MWGFD website ( or For those in a hurry, here is a brief summary followed by some thoughts:


The MWGFD is an association of doctors and scientists in the health sector. It has over 20,000 supporters who help us and donate money and a core of about 40 members, including myself. The vice-chairman, Dr Ronald Weikl, a gynaecologist and family doctor in Passau, explained all this at the beginning. I know many members personally, and I can say: It is a colourful political mixture, but none of them is, as is often said, “right-wing”, or “revanchist” or shows any proximity to National Socialist ideas. Nothing is more false than that, and the fact that this fairy tale is still being coloured in many channels shows how infamous, crazy and at the same time powerful the modern propaganda machinery is. Those who still don’t believe me that I have nothing to do with radical right-wing thoughts should perhaps take a look at my post on Treblinka. Apart from that, these defamations become obsolete anyway, it seems to me, when one hears the fascistoid expressions that sometimes come across the lips of our men and women in ministerial office.

One of the advisors of the MWGFD was the head of the press conference, Uwe Kranz, former head of the State Criminal Police Office in Thuringia and advisor to Europol. Kranz moderated the event. Ronny Weikl, vice-chairman, said a few words at the beginning.

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