Meta-Review: The Backbone of Evidence Based Medicine Is Weak

Do you now know, dear fact-checkers, science editors and other medical enthusiasts, why I am sceptical about the new, poorly vetted vaccination platforms? It’s because of the data on medical interventions in general. Because by drawing a random sample here, our result can be generalized. Weiterlesen →

Homeopathy works for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

…and is helpful within limits in healing wounds. Homeopathy and the results of two meta-analyses A few years ago, the leader of the German Green Party, Robert Habeck, proclaimed in the heart of conviction, that homeopathy is no more than … Weiterlesen →

Monkey pox – conspiracy (theory) for advanced learners…

and some thoughts on prospective tests of such a theory When one types “Monkeypox” into internet search engines, the first thing that comes up is agency reports from Reuter and Co debunking “conspiracy theories” about Monkeypox. Interested readers ask themselves: … Weiterlesen →

Face masks lead to dangerously high levels of carbon dioxide in children’s inhaled air

The long version of our mask study has been republished A workshop report and some thoughts on it Our mask study measured carbon dioxide levels in the inhaled air of 45 children wearing face masks. It found that the inhaled … Weiterlesen →

New and old – a journey to Lithuania…

…to a workshop of the Next Society Institute and some thoughts on new and old religions The Next Society Institute I was recently in Lithuania for a few days, in the capital Vilnius, for a meeting of the Next Society … Weiterlesen →